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tv   [untitled]    June 26, 2012 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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nature looms over syria as alliance member turkey claims the downing of its fighter jet by damascus was an attack against the entire blog join me from the syrian capital in just a few seconds. moscow flexes its diplomatic muscles as the russian president tours the middle east pushing for more dialogue between the israelis and the palestinians . euro zone crisis claims its fifth victim aside from a multi billion euro bailout. people banking sector and finance its debts. and apparently those european banking problems are affecting these in asia but over in russia they are quite upbeat in the first hour of trading join me in twenty
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minutes for all the. world news twenty four hours a day live from moscow this is r.t. . nato is set to decide what action to take against syria after turkey called for an urgent meeting of the alliance says its allies should view friday's downing of its military jet by the mask this is not to aggression. as the latest now. nato officials will be gathering for an emergency meeting in brussels later on tuesday and that's off to turkey's request the country has invoked article for all the alliances chalta that allows in your words members to call for consultations if it feels that its territorial integrity will national security have been threatened the last time article four was invoked in two thousand and three shortly before the
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iraqi invasion and back then again that was took his initiative this time took it has called for a meeting for consultations off to its fanta just will show don by syria and in syria and turkey is insisting that it will show dollars while it was flying over the international rule to some thirteen miles away from the syrian coast it's also been saying that syria had been firing on another plane that's been in the area for rescue and search operations and we've been hearing strong words following this incident from ankara described as a hostile action as an act of aggression and western countries have also condemned syria for raising an acceptable and disproportionate became very serious position remains a clear whether that was an act of self-defense and it's been behaving within the international law off to the plane did violate its airspace and it had no choice
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but down it's off to these happened and experts to tuesday's meeting of the two members say that turkey may use this opportunity to try to persuade the lies his members to consider these incident as an attack against turkey and if this happens the reason a potential restart to the alliance is members may invoke article five as well that says that an attack against nato members should be considered as an attack against the entire blog and in this case every day and age nation. the nato has the right to take measures we've been hearing from western countries that they're ready to use damascus and of course in this case here is our main fears are that it will be. using armed forces it will be military operation. but turkey claims its downs jet was unarmed and was simply testing the country's radar system but the head of
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an independent syrian media that says our own crew was probably spying on the masses. it could be they were just saying. we know. it was locked and it was actually. shut it down with a maximum range of. what i was. doing if i were going to. some of our land or territory or water i don't think the needle or any legal. issue for putting any more pressure on syria is something else that was doing there perhaps they caught doing or trying to spy on the syrian army's movement in that area because the. area will be this close to the syrian border there are actually. some kind of. televisions one. just over an hour's time r.t. interview the top syrian diplomat who defends the country's continued purchase of
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arms from abroad. because the nation currently under attack syria has the right to procure weapons that it can use to protect itself its sovereignty and its people are the countries that have been supplying the terrorists with weapons this is a proven fact and we have brought up time and again the united states and france and some of the gulf nations have been providing the militants with that one which in turn contributes to escalating violence in syria we lose our troops every day to terrorist attacks and we knew civilians were killed by militants for no reason simply because an insurgent instructed to kill a certain number of people in a specific area when armed rebels intimidate should produce into shutting down the stalls this is presented as an anti government protest where is it is really submission by business owners afraid of their property getting downed if they disobey.
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intel of if president putin has called on both israelis and palestinians to. xoom talks to break the regional stalemate the russian leader is due to meet the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas to push the same message meanwhile moscow is also stepping up efforts to help resolve the conflict in syria and these tensions over iran's nuclear interests. are has more. both leaders said that the talks had been frankenfood full and the most significant point made was the point made by the russian president calling on both israelis and palestinians to resume peace negotiations the israeli prime minister responded with this quote that it was complicated but simple and that word president putin peace paulson that message when he needs with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas in the palestinian city of ramallah clinton also said that the two leaders had discussed syria and iran and he didn't go into more details in saying that the talks were fruitful and he thanked the israelis for the unveiling of a wall morial to the raid army that was unveiled in the israeli city of the time
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you know the israeli prime minister spoke about egypt he said that israel respects the democratic process that has been undergone and egypt in that context was willing to deal with the new egyptian president mohamed morsi in the context of the nine hundred seventy nine israeli egyptian peace treaty certainly moscow has a role to play in dealing with these issues in this region it is regarded by all the players as a positive contributor what we do understand is that president putin will put pressure on the israeli leadership not to attack iran and certainly this is in the context of his really leadership talking about striking to iran because of its nuclear program at the same time moscow is unlikely to ask the israelis to hold back from interfering with what is happening in syria the violence unfolding there perhaps as we see this growing closer relationship which is certainly the mood that
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was put forward by both netanyahu and putin this growing relationship between israel and russia those two might help russia and the united states this relationship which has been waning in recent months. we're reporting that all across the border from israel egypt present a that's about how with percy will begin forming a new government ought to be to use raw. other than a presidential run off however he still faces a standoff with the country's military council in paris since the ousting a form of the the holes in barack for the vote took place last week the generals disown him tips isn't this that apartment and placed limitations on presidential power take a bit of freedom foundation says the changes in egypt would have a political strategist in washington scratching their heads. and i think washington is in a very difficult precarious position here for decades they've been supporting and partnering with this military dictatorship so it wasn't just a matter of barrett from power that wasn't going to bring freedom or democracy to
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the egyptian people the problem has always been the dictatorship itself that type of government and washed it has been one of the premier if not the premier supporter of this dictatorship and so now you've got a man coming into power that just supported by many of the egyptian people that are saying the military is no longer going to be in charge here the civilians are going to be in charge words that leave washington doesn't support the democratic movement does it continue to support the military dictatorship which is refusing to subordinate itself to the civilian rule impossible to know where washed is going to go and that's what. peridot in just a couple of minutes we report on the rise of radical islam in germany like the government's attempts that could spread by having little impact on. both sides u.s. minesweepers arrive in the persian gulf western nations very wrong will block the region's vital shipping routes and.
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blow through the coolness the magic of transforming airplanes into jet trains. into green rail dreams doubled down on profits by building up instead of out in the german small unit plays east for the summer known show here on r.g.p. you go to church.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. the giant corporations are old today. cyprus has become the fifth country to ask for financial help in the form of billions of euros to prop up its ailing economy the government says its banking sector has been heavily exposed to the crisis in neighboring greece and cyprus plans to continue talks for a loan from outside the e.u. countries such as russia or china follows ireland portugal greece and spain which of sort luncheon rescues from brussels earlier spain saw twenty eight of its banks
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downgraded by ratings agency moody's after madrid asked for a loan of up to one hundred billion euros the crisis of. the euro zone is trapped in a vicious circle. what we see now is that this this crisis reached sort of a tipping point especially in the case of cyprus and spain where what you call a missed call the do loop sort of the mutual dependence of banks and states and one another is reached the point where the state is no longer capable to prop up its own banks and the banks are no longer capable to prop up their one government so basically what needs to happen is that external forces need to come in to prop up this real government so that it can continue putting out its own banks there's an ironic situation one hundred billion is not enough for the spanish banks still probably need a lot more and i think within a year or so you know the european bailout for the spanish banks coming along and at the same time these bank bailouts for the for the spanish banking system will be passed through. the spanish government and this means that it will add up to the
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sovereign debt of spain and as a result will make it more difficult for spain to repay its debts in the long term this one hundred billion euros that's being piled onto into the spanish banking system right now up to fifteen percent. in debt for spain and this is the real thing that we should be looking at because this will this will actually make it more likely that spain needs. in the near future. well not some other news making headlines around the world eleven people have been killed in two separate blasts in iraq the first bomb exploded outside a store northeast of baghdad killing five people and injuring three six others were killed after another bomb exploded in a minibus which was carrying a group of football players in the town of well more than one hundred forty people there voc have died this month in attacks targeting mainly shia pilgrims and shrines. police in bolivia have clashed with government supporters in the city of
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offices strike happened when met with advocates of president of iran this march into the city's main square police used tear gas to drive out the pro-government group's country's leader has accused offices of setting the stage for who planned and motives are political. three policemen have been killed during a shootout at mexico city's international airport the gunmen were suspected drug traffickers and open buyers offices closed in port is often used to move narcotics money and illegal migrants nearly fifty thousand people have died in drug related violence since two thousand and six the country's president announced plans to deploy troops to combat cartels. before u.s. minesweepers of arrived in the persian gulf ships a seven month deployment in an area of operations that includes the red sea and parts of the indian nation the u.s. navy claims the mission within sure the safety of the region's shipping routes
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becomes an iranian military chief says tehran might try to block the strait of hormuz to defend the country's interests western countries fear the risk is the program is prevented from exporting oil in western nations or tighten sanctions on the first of july. experts and the rest of us is trying to satisfy its will come to terms all right. but not sure that iraq will go ahead with this idea if things remain as they are right now however if we see you some sanctions increased or for more tired or harsher sanctions then you might resort to other tricks that might have up its sleeve including taking some measures in the strait of hormuz but i think that you can also look at this from another angle president obama has been accused by birth the use really isn't by republicans of being too soft on iran and recently a number of senators even sent
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a letter to obama urging him to make the military option appear more credible it might also be related to some internal factors inside the u.s. and also related to american genuine american fears that israel might go ahead and launch unilateral strike. i think by taking this step as well the american administration might be trying to satisfy israel and keep israel reassured that it's taking up this situation it's in control and it was allowing iran to go to go too far and then in addition to the fact that it is also presenting a credible military option in case things go don't go too well. but we have plenty more stories and videos waiting few on our website r.t. dot com including lift a load of loot refuse to call to fix a broken elevator. twenty nine gold bugs seven.
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hundred twelve a german one ship turns hazardous after toxic vapors about. gas masks. germany is cracking down on radical islam research rated scores of scientists homes across the country this month after the government claimed there was no links to al qaeda or some of those have been the focus of police investigations in the country since the terrorist shooting at frankfurt airport last year. has this report from the german capital. to the casual passers by these are just ordinary young muslims who want to be understood by their neighbors but if you can distribute the bible why should you be able to distribute the qur'an these young men are countrymen and they want to share what they believe in what's wrong with that but when you look closer they're spreading not just what they believe in but what they insist is their one and only truth worth believing this sign read the meaning of the qur'an
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in german and they managed to laugh ace adherents of an ultra conservative branch of islam infamous for their righteousness and intolerance of infidels. and a bunch of people control other people in the west it's called democracy for me there's only one master. in judgment but how do you know what the most to wants. distributing to do. according to german domestic intelligence report salafism is defined as growing islamic movement in the world is preaching ever literally interpretation of the qur'an to the point of gauging someone supplied by the shape of his beard or but their length of her burka and since it's a. mainstream islam has the same problem was a smaller force like those non muslims because. in some situations they did accept also like muslims for years the german government guided by political correctness watched as the domestic salafi community grew in size
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given the fact that some of the nine eleven perpetrators used to belong to humber mosque didn't prompt much action but this month after a series of police raids the german government moved to ban a number of salafi groups whose ideology was recognized as incompatible with democratic values hard core fundamentalist mainstream muslims i justice and tell us christians she was a force. in this berlin mosque a relief to hear about the elastic bands of the corpse and it was time to spread out of this ideology as a whole because it's made sponsored saudi arabia this to me point policy pals it's not only germany that's concerned about the spread of cultural radical islam a few years ago france outlawed the full face veil norway has also banned saudi funded mosques but as western countries are increasingly taking a stance against radical islam their foreign policy goal but seems to promoted
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salafi and related to have the movement's a seeing a major resurgence across the middle east especially in countries affected by the arab spring in the wake of the arab spring we've seen a group radical islamic power increasing its influence there is an overall agenda that is taking hold in the middle east and a lot of this is due to the involvement of washington and london in particular the intelligence agencies in the west. and backing radical islamist. there are ties and links historically to al qaida and also the saudi arabian ruling regime and washington have worked together. for a long time while joe many is far less vocal on the need for regime change in syria than it was in libya as an aging member is still in favor of and forcing so-called
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democratic changes even if those changes are likely to empower groups that are now banned in germany itself x. and y. r. t. berlin. where the leading u.s. figures could or to accept particular sign of request and that's assigned by michael moore of a stone and chomsky among others has been delivered to the country's london embassy has been seeking refuge since last week and in fact chomsky joins us on the next edition of his show on r.t. together with military historian taricani you can catch the discussion that you haven't thirty g.m.t. . now moving over to the middle east the deep concern in the united states and the other traditional imperial powers britain france particularly concern is that now they may the middle east may get out of control and that syria's much more serious than south america so i agree that's why they invaded libya and i have no doubt
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about it was to reestablish going through but i agree but i think it's all over so for example if you take a look at what's happened in the arab spring or the countries that are crucial to western imperial power the oil producers they have been under a very tough. in saudi arabia kuwait the emirates the major oil producing regions it never got off the ground the intimidation of the security forces backed by the west was so enormous that people were literally afraid to go into the streets and the west mainly france and as you know states and britain and egypt are following a very traditional pattern there's a playbook that you pursue gives you a kind of a game plan when some favored dictators lose the capacity to rule.
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the business desk and joins us with more of the fluctuating oil price that's what's going on well oiled is actually mixed brant is trading slightly up at the moment all the details in just a couple of minutes but first let's take a look at the equity markets and first to europe where trade started a bit more than twenty minutes ago and it looks like the sentiment is finally changing as you can see there london's footsie and germany down both gaining within the first twenty minutes of trading and. basically that's after losing want to add to two percent respectively on monday so that is ha. here in russia the markets are also quite upbeat in the second hour of trading the r.t.s. at the moment is gaining more than one percent of my sex is more than half a percent and apparently some see that the sell off as a buying opportunity we'll see if that trend continues throughout the day we'll keep you posted over and asia the markets are mixed the nikkei is continuing to
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lose ground at the moment it's more than three quarters of a percent down but very choppy trade and hong kong the hang saying has managed to bounce back into block over the past hour and onto the currency markets the ruble is gaining both against the dollar and the euro and the dollar a euro pair remains pretty much locked but a little with flocked to the recent strength of the us dollars really hurting the oil market because oil is becoming more expensive for buyers outside of the united states and at the moment crude is still hovering around eighteen months lows though brant is slightly off at the moment the w.t. eyes still trading around seventy nine dollars a girl as you can see there business thirteen has caught up with the head of the international industry for him petroleum council and what's going on. there is
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a perception that being the short term we may have an oversupply but again this is just typical the look to we've seen in the bad news seen the future and i think. what's really bad because he's having a long perspective and that again is that oil prices should stay on the average pretty strong. that's all the latest from the business team this hour i'll be back about fifteen minutes but meanwhile get more from our business ok thanks for that update as usual. and stay with us for the headlines coming up in just a couple minutes.
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to it was to the to. the be. thankful.
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we are. today borland says once again fled up the phone these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada the first giant corporations are on the day the big. just give me can i speak we'll see you let me finish please my son died in a gun don't agree you don't agree we don't want to learn from him my son isn't this is a marine i don't know what is crap we are going to friday for you fair to. be. concerned your country. with
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a country your ears. the moon or in hope to help you found it. you find in so many old says war. the son's first day. well into the future when is the magic of transforming airplanes into jet trains dirty diesels into green rail dreams double down on profits by building up instead of alex and insurance will place east for the cell technology up to here on r.g.p. you've got the same church. download the official auntie application to your i phone or i pod touch from the i choose our story. watch our teachers life on the go. to.


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